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“$858 outlay: ROI 30% increase in sales ”

"In June 2011 we held a massive EOFY for our footwear……
Overall we increased our footwear sales by about 30% for that month…"
Hilary McMillan, Manager, All Podiatry & the ShoeCo

User Comments

Less obtrusive than a phone call, more immediate than email

'I recommend SMS ToolKit to any business which values efficiency and friendly technology...'

Janine Wallis, Owner, Menai District Physiotherapy

Emails almost never get opened, but every teenager has their phone by their side 24/7!

Julie Walker, Owner myWheels Driving School

"...so much more convenient when you need to get hold of people in a hurry because it's faster than email. Shortly we'll be using it to chase outstanding fees, so it's a hit with the committee!" 24/7!

Gladstone Gymnastic Club

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MYOB Profesional Developer

What is SMS ToolKit

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SMS Messaging from your computer - it's SO easy!

SMS communication

Turn your computer keyboard into a mobile phone

Experience computer-based text messaging and you'll NEVER go back.

More on Computer-based SMS Messaging >

Efficient Cost-Effective Marketing

Last minute sales promotions to your customers in a matter of seconds

How many marketing options allow you to make a decision at 3pm and have an offer in the hands of your customers at 3:10pm?

More on SMS Sales & Marketing for your business >

Grow your Database with Qualified Leads

Automated lead-generation at your fingertips

SMS Response Manager is a robust system that automatically generates and texts information about your business in response to requests texted in by potential customers - 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

More on using SMS for your Business Development >

 Super Quick and Easy Groups Communication

It just doesn't get easier than a quick SMS message

sms messaging for sporting clubs

Whether you're a committee member confirming local sporting club Sign On times, a conference organiser confirming venue changes, communicating with your groups via SMS will save you time and money!

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Direct access to your MYOB or QuickBooks data

Quick and easy SMS communication with customers, suppliers and employees

SMS sales and marketing, accounts, SMS reminders, meeting reminders, general communications are not only possible, but incredibly easy but COST EFFECTIVE and incredibly easy for your business.

FREE system and NO contracts!

Just download SMS ToolKit and you're good to go

No setup fees, no contracts, just prepay credit at 10 cents per message, stop at any time.

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